BeJames helps you support and surprise athletes in their preparations for a competition

At we know what it is like to dedicate a significant portion of your life towards achieving your goals. Help your Athlete friend by surprising him with a gift voucher before or after the competition.

Whether training to run the New York Marathon, cycle the Maratona dles Dolomites, swim the English Channel, compete with a team in an international competition, and so on, there are two extremes: the day before the competition is crucial for the athlete and relaxing is out of the question until after the competition.

Preparing for competition is all about making concessions

Athletes preparing for their next competition have to make a sacrifices to reach their goal. A lot of time is spent in training, nutrition, preparation, rest and choice of materials. Athletes have an extremely strict schedule that is all about making progression. They often put their social lives on the back burner and put off the fun things in life that don’t contribute to their athletic aspirations.

Work hard, play hard

Experienced athletes also know that it is impossible to be constantly on a tight schedule. That is why the period after a competition or season is characterized by (extreme) relaxation, less rules and maintaining social life. A gift card for any situation before or after the competition is therefore a perfect gift for athletes.
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