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With BeJames you give your beloved globetrotter, in a completely personalized way, a worldwide exchangeable credit for a hotel stay of their choice. As a result, you treat the recipient of the BeJames gift to a beautiful experience exactly there and when the traveller wishes.

You give a BeJames gift to your beloved friend, family member, colleague or neighbour who is travelling or going far away from you. By giving a personalized BeJames gift you show that you care about that person and you are very close to each other for a while, even though you may both be on the other side of the world.

At BeJames, we help you to give your beloved globetrotter an unforgettable experience.

Your beloved globetrotter can choose from 200.000 hotels in over 190 countries at the time of writing. We strive to make and keep our offer as complete as possible. During the redemption process, our filters ensure that the ideal hotel is found, for example taking into account the desired location, the desired budget, etc.

A BeJames gift is valid for 2 years after the date of purchase.

Yes, you can use a BeJames gift until the voucher value is completely used. Is there still credit on your personal BeJames page? Redeem it now by making a new booking on Did you receive a BeJames gift yourself, check out your balance here.

It is not possible to use multiple BeJames gifts for the same booking. If you want to stay in a hotel for several nights, you can of course make multiple bookings and use multiple BeJames giftcards.

A BeJames gift can only be redeemed via our site for booking a stay at You cannot use the voucher value for payment at the hotel.

If you have lost your BeJames gift, you should send an email to [email protected]. Please inform us with your name, email address and original receipt. Our support team will dive in to it right away.

At this point in time, you can only book a hotel at with a BeJames gift. Of course, you can always buy a BeJames gift voucher for your own use!

BeJames operates in more than 190 countries at the time of writing.

Please find our contact form here.

For buyers of the BeJames giftcard

The ideal value of the gift card for the traveller is difficult to say. We do not know your wallet as a generous giver and do not know what the grateful recipient wants to exchange the credit for. After all, the price of a hotel room depends on the number of stars of the hotel, its location, the season and its availability.
No, the receiver determines when and where the BeJames gift is redeemed. BeJames and you work closely together to create a very personal experience. When you have a good suggestion for the redemption, you can of course always add this in your personal message to your dear traveller.
No, the voucher value of the BeJames giftcard is the same amount that you, the giver of the BeJames giftcard, have paid. There are no additional costs for our services.

For out grateful receivers

When you have gone through the process and made a booking, you can find your booking in the ‘my bookings’-overview on our website. Also, for each booking, you will receive a separate confirmation email from us at the email address you have provided.
When you haven’t received a confirmation email from us within 15 minutes after your booking, not even in your spam, please contact us at [email protected] and we will find it out for you.
Bookings made are not always directly in the systems of the hotels. In the worst case, this can sometimes take up to 24 hours. If the booking is still not known to the hotel after 24 hours, please contact us at [email protected] and we will find it out for you.

This depends on the booking you have made. If cost-free cancellation is not possible, please check whether your travel or cancellation insurance offers reimbursement in certain circumstances.

No, this is not possible. You can only redeem your BeJames giftcard at for hotel stays.
Unfortunately we have no influence on the availability of hotels at any given time. You may be able to book a similar hotel, change your desired date, or simply wait and hope that the hotel will be available at a later stage.
In the event that the costs of your desired hotel are higher than the credit on your BeJames gift, you can easily pay the remainder with one of the offered payment methods. We currently support iDeal, Credit Card payments and PayPal.
In the event that the cost of your desired hotel experience is lower than the credit on your BeJames giftcard, there will be value left on your BeJames giftcard. You can use this credit for your next booking. 

BeJames: business gifts

How very nice of you! Please send an email with your contact details to [email protected] and let us inform you of the different options for a personalised business gift!
There is none. However, if you have special requests, such as a BeJames gift with your company logo or a complete tailormade design, please contact us via [email protected].
Yes, this is possible of course. Please be aware that your BeJames giftcard is distributed after receiving your payment.

Leaving the recipient’s name blank is not an option, but you might consider describing the recipient, such as “highly valued colleague” or “the deserved winner”. 

Yes, every BeJames is fully customizable upon creation. For example, you can upload a photo, write a personal text and add a company logo. A tailor made design is also possible. Please contact us for more information at [email protected].

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