Because we want to surprise travellers

Best Gift Card for Travellers

Because we want to surprise travellers

Best Gift Card for Travellers

Looking for the best gift for the traveller in your life? BeJames has the Best Gift Card for Travellers!

BeJames offers the best hotel gift card. Personalise it with the adventurous traveller in mind.

With Bejames, you create a unique gift card that can be used by travellers at over 200,000 hotels in over 190 countries worldwide.

Our gift cards are the perfect gift for travellers. Whether you’d like to surprise a pilgrim to Camino de Santiago or an intern backpacking abroad for their birthday, an anniversary, or any other occasion, the BeJames hotel gift cards for travellers provide a convenient and flexible option for anyone away on travel.

best gift card for travellers to Nepal

The #1 gift supporting Digital Nomads

Yes, Digital Nomadism is an actual term for those who break the traditional way of working and embark on an adventure where Working, Vacationing, and Travelling are combined!

Embarking on a journey to understand the essence of digital nomadism—the modern globetrotter who defines work by experiences, not boundaries. That’s what it’s about.

Also, the digital nomad seeks a balance between work and wanderlust by spending their working days in different locations.

Support Digital Nomadism around the world!

Our gift card is valid in 190 countries! What better gift for these adventurous professionals than a BeJames hotel gift card? Furthermore, our offering is tailored for people whose home is the world, it opens doors to 200.000 unparalleled accommodations, making it the ultimate token of appreciation.

The #1 Best Gift Card for Travellers' Birthdays or Anniversaries

Are you and your relative far apart, but close at heart? With BeJames you create the best and truly personal hotel gift card.

The best Gift for Achieving a Milestone or Destination

Mission complete? Have a Hotel Gift Card delivered to someone on the day they complete their goal or mission.

The Best Holiday Gift Card for Travellers

Is your beloved traveller abroad during the holiday season or festivities? A BeJames Hotel Gift Card lets them know you care!

The Ideal Graduation Gift when going Backpacking

The ideal gift for backpackers! Take them out of the hostel-life and spoil them with a Hotel Gift Card

A Pick-Me-Up or Surprise Treat Shows You Care

Travellers often encounter difficult times. A hotel gift card is the best way to lift their spirits .

What can I expect?

Use our interactive interface to create and personalize the gift card. Do you have little time? Our experts have created fantastic templates that are free to use.
Choose voucher value
Our vouchers fit any budget. Travellers are flexible to use it at one or multiple hotels.
Send it to your receiver
You provide the traveler's e-mailadress and decide when you'd like us to deliver the digital BeJames hotel gift card.
That's it! We take care of the rest and will send the hotel gift card to the e-mailaddress on the date specified by you.

Fun, easy and quick

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The Best Gift Card to Complement the Traveller’s Journey 

With BeJames’ best hotel gift card for travellers, you can embrace the convenience of hassle-free bookings and immerse yourself in your chosen destination. Our personalized gift cards ensure a seamless experience, allowing you to explore and create cherished memories without worrying about limitations or interruptions.

Aiding to, not disrupting the traveller’s adventure

Unlock unforgettable travel experiences with BeJames’ best hotel gift card for travellers. Designed to seamlessly complement their journey without any disruptions, our gift cards provide the perfect opportunity to elevate adventures. Whether it’s a luxurious resort, a charming boutique hotel, or a cozy bed and breakfast, our gift cards offer the freedom to choose from a wide selection of accommodations tailored to the traveller’s preferences.

Let our unique hotel gift cards be the passport to unforgettable experiences, without any interference along the way.

The perfect hotel gift card for travellers going surfing in Australia
The best gift card for travellers motorbiking in India

The Best Personalized Gift Card for Travellers

A personalized gift card for travellers is a heartfelt and meaningful way to show your thoughtfulness and care.

By customizing the gift card with personal touches, such as a video message, a cherished photo, or a heartfelt note, you create a truly unique and special gift that resonates with the recipient’s travel aspirations.

The ideal surprise for People Far Apart

Whether it’s a message of encouragement for their upcoming adventures or a reminder of a shared memory, a personalized gift card adds a personal touch that can make their journey even more memorable. It demonstrates that you have taken the time and effort to create a gift that reflects their individuality and passions.

With a personalized gift card, you not only provide them with the means to explore and experience new destinations, but you also give them a heartfelt reminder of your love and support throughout their travels.

Fun, easy and quick

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The best online hotel gift card for travellers

Safely stored in their inbox, not at the bottom of their backpack..

When it comes to gifting travellers, a digital hotel gift card is the ultimate choice. With the best hotel gift card securely stored in their inbox, travellers can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their valuable gift won’t end up lost at the bottom of their backpack. 

Unlike traditional physical gift cards that can easily go missing during journeys, a digital gift card stays safe and accessible on their mobile device or in their email inbox. 

It’s a travel companion that won’t get left behind, ensuring that they can effortlessly redeem their gift at their desired destination. With the convenience and security of a digital gift card, travellers can focus on creating unforgettable memories without the worry of misplacing their precious gift.

The best gift card for travellers going to the Nordic Lights in Lapland

Gifting and Receiving with Heartfelt Ease

Looking for the perfect gift for travellers? BeJames’ hotel gift card is the ultimate choice. With worldwide coverage and unrivaled convenience, it’s the ideal present for any adventurer.

Our hotel gift card offers the best way to surprise and delight travel enthusiasts. It provides the freedom to choose from a wide range of accommodations, spanning the globe. Whether they dream of exploring bustling cities or relaxing on exotic beaches, our gift card ensures their travel desires are not interfered.

The convenience of our hotel gift card knows no boundaries. It eliminates the hassle of booking accommodations, giving travelling recipients the flexibility to plan their trips to their liking.

The #1 Hotel Gift Card with Worldwide Coverage

With access to our vast hotel database, covering destinations around the world, they can search, review, and book at their convenience.

Give the gift that opens doors to unforgettable experiences. BeJames’ hotel gift card is the key to unlocking incredible adventures for travellers, providing them with the convenience, flexibility, and joy they deserve.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With BeJames you give your beloved globetrotter, in a completely personalized way, a worldwide exchangeable credit for a hotel stay of their choice. As a result, you treat the recipient of the BeJames gift to a beautiful experience exactly there and when the traveller wishes.

You give a BeJames gift to your beloved friend, family member, colleague or neighbour who is travelling or going far away from you. By giving a personalized BeJames gift you show that you care about that person and you are very close to each other for a while, even though you may both be on the other side of the world.

At BeJames, we help you to give your beloved globetrotter an unforgettable experience.

Your beloved globetrotter can choose from over 200.000 hotels in over 190 countries at the time of writing. We strive to make and keep our offer as complete as possible. During the redemption process, our filters ensure that the ideal hotel is found, for example taking into account the desired location, the desired budget, etc.

A BeJames gift is valid for 2 years after the date of purchase.

Yes, you can use a BeJames gift until the voucher value is completely used. Is there still credit on your personal BeJames page? Redeem it now by making a new booking on Did you receive a BeJames gift yourself, check out your balance here.

It is not possible to use multiple BeJames gifts for the same booking. If you want to stay in a hotel for several nights, you can of course make multiple bookings and use multiple BeJames giftcards.

A BeJames gift can only be redeemed via our site for booking a stay at You cannot use the voucher value for payment at the hotel.

If you have lost your BeJames gift, you should send an email to [email protected]. Please inform us with your name, email address and original receipt. Our support team will dive in to it right away.

At this point in time, you can only book a hotel at with a BeJames gift. Of course, you can always buy a BeJames gift voucher for your own use!

BeJames operates in more than 190 countries at the time of writing.

Please find our contact form here.

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