Internships abroad are great adventures, here’s why

At BeJames, we get excited about adventures and adventurers. The first things that comes to mind when thinking of the words ‘adventure’ and ‘travel’ is backpacking. However, there are so many more flavors to add to this list. One of the most beautiful and unforgettable experiences that we regularly discuss and relive in the BeJames team is the internship abroad that many of our colleagues have done. That is why we have set out a list to the why and how an internship abroad contributes to both one’s personal and professional development.

Preparation requires organizational talent

First off, you don’t just jump into a plane and start your internship. It takes tremendous effort organizing the internship; getting your school or university’s approval for the internship assignment, arranging travel, (working) visa’s, housing and of course finding a company that welcomes you as intern.

Moving abroad shows that you dare to take a step towards the unknown

An adventure is often depicted as doing something of which you don’t know the outcome nor the path towards the end goal, yet. That is exactly why an internship abroad is one of the best adventures for students.

Despite your meticulous preparation, the feeling of excitement is overwhelming as soon as you board the plane.

“Does the company know I’m coming?”, “What kind of people will I get to meet and what kind of colleagues do I come to work with?”, “Will I be in time for my connection flight?”, “Will I make (enough) money to get by?”, but also “How would my friends fare in the meantime?”.

You are on your own and have to make the best of it

One thing is for certain, the first weeks will be exciting but tough. All the people you meet during your internship abroad are new! You enter a new environment, likely be on your and you’ll have to manage by yourself.

Still, all the people we have spoken to have fond memories of this time, it’s exciting to meet new people and building up your social life from scratch.

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An internship abroad a life changing experience

Someone who’s been on an internship abroad learned to get around by themselves. They know how to adapt to different situations and have a social network that reaches far beyond country borders. The old saying of someone being ‘well-travelled’ certainly applies. You understand the world better once you have seen it with your own eyes. Also, many future bosses prefer job candidates who have international working experience.

Where’s your internship going to be? Let us know! 

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